septic system

Septic 101: Getting to Know Your Septic Tank

Even though you probably don’t notice your septic system all that often, it’s working for you each and every day.  Whether this is your primary or secondary residence, or even own it as rental property on the Outer Banks, getting to know your septic tank helps it work like a well-oiled machine.  Maintaining your septic …

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All About Septic Tanks

Installation of a septic tank and drain field.

“Private Sewage” means you have your own septic or sewage system. Essentially a septic tank is a large concrete vault that measures 8’x4’x4′. It is normally buried 4″ to 24″ below the surface of the ground. The tank is divided into two chambers which performs a separation of solids from liquids. Water or effluent enters …

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