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Plumbing Safety: Protecting Home & Family During National Safety Month

As we enter the month of June, it’s important to recognize that it’s not only National Safety Month but also an opportunity to shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of home safety—your plumbing system. While we may not readily associate plumbing with potential hazards, neglecting timely resolutions to plumbing problems can lead to significant safety …

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Ins and Outs of Polybutylene Piping

Exposed plumbing pipes in a new construction.

Polybutylene piping, also known as “poly” or “quest” piping is a plastic piping system used as a cost-effective alternative to copper and PVC water distribution systems in houses and some commercial buildings. Popular in the late ’70s through the mid-’90s, polybutylene plumbing products offered quick, clean, low-skill installation, greatly cutting down on building plumbing costs. …

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Tips to Help You Identify & Repair Water Leaks

A shocking trillion+ gallons of water are wasted annually nationwide! So, we always like to honor Fix A Leak Week by reminding our customers to take the time to track down and tackle those drips. Make it a Habit The EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) annual Fix A Leak Week is filled with information and events …

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