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October 2020 Newsletter

It's time to winterize your home and avoid winter plumbing repairs on the Outer Banks.
Fall Deals are still going on! Learn more about ways to save on kitchen, bath and water heater upgrades. Also find a friendly reminder to winterize your vacant vacation rental or home away from home on the Outer Banks to save on costly winter repairs. Read Full Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

Fall savings are here! Get some hot deals on our favorite brands for garbage disposals, water heaters and toilets. You’ll also want to check out our builder spotlight this month with Excel Contracting. Read Full Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter

Plumber using water jetter to clean dirty drains.
If you’ve been experiencing sluggish drains, chances are you’ve got a clog or some serious build up. We’re talking soap, sludge, sediment, and even grease. Dirty drains can wreck havoc on your lines. This month we’re highlighting our new water jetter to blast through gunk and grime! Read Full Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter

Is your vacation rental prepared for an extended season?
To avoid disrupting their vacation, guests may not mention issues with the plumbing or appliances until the end of their stay (if they mention it at all) when the situation is ‘tolerable’.  The problem is, a tolerable problem can cause big headaches for you and future guests!  In this month’s update you’ll want to catch these tips for a pleasant and profitable extended season. Read Full Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

Did you know the average person flushes the toilet a minimum of 5 times a day?  Multiply that by a family of 5 and that’s a busy bathroom. In this month’s newsletter we’ll give you a few tips that will help you maintain your plumbing system and fixtures in your home during the busiest time of year. Read Full Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

Take caution with your home's plumbing issues.
Got a Project? We’ve Got Connections. From electricians and roofers to custom home builders and interior designers, we can refer you to some of the best on the beach. When your project involves plumbing work as well, we are accustomed to coordinating with other contractors to help keep your project on schedule.   Read Full Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter

If long-awaited repairs and maintenance on your vacation home or rental are keeping you awake at night, consider making a list and prioritizing projects needing the most attention.  Getting to-do items down on paper makes it less overwhelming to get more helpful tips and find out how we can help (including our ‘good neighbor’ offer) in this month’s update.   Read Full Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

Want to know the truth about wipes? How about some remodeling while you’re sheltering in place? This month we share 7 tips with you to de-winterize your vacation home or rental and get it ready and prepped for the season.   Read Full Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

Thinking about refreshing the look of your bathroom or kitchen this winter? See why now is a good time to put your plan into action and learn about the benefits of being an annual service member…   Read Full Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter

Do you have a DIY project you’d like to take on yourself? Speak to one of our experts first. You might need a pro.   Read Full Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

Start the New Year off right by installing new versions of the items you use most in your home. Read more in this month’s news to reveal the savings now through December 31st! Is your home a candidate for a re-pipe? Get the facts now so you’re armed with the information you need. Read Full Newsletter

November 2019 Newsletter

happy thanksgiving from action plumbing obx
Fall is the perfect time to grab the deals, and at Action Plumbing we’ve got some deals of our own to share with you.  Schedule replacement of your existing electric tank water heater, toilets and garbage disposal before December 31st and take advantage of great pricing on our favorite products! Read Full Newsletter