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October 2019 Newsletter

Fall savings for your obx plumbing needs
You bring the projects, we’ve got the savings. Now is the time to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off through the summer. Save now until the end of November when you call us to upgrade these popular home improvement items! Read Full Newsletter

September 2019 Newsletter

action plumbing obx september newsletter
Fall is here!  Learn more about our fall assessment offer, enjoy great savings on popular plumbing appliances and get a little history lesson on the advent of plumbing…all in our latest newsletter.  Read Full Newsletter

August 2019 Newsletter

Schedule your fall assessment with Action Plumbing OBX
Thinking of buying a tankless water heater? Before you do, make sure you read this month’s blog highlighting 3 common misconceptions about tankless so you can learn all you need to know before taking that step. Read Full Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

Summer plumbing repair jobs, Action Plumbing OBX
Summer is a busy time for you and your plumbing system.  Learn how to prevent fresh water contamination in your home, find out who the real culprits are when it comes to plumbing problems and get the scoop on the real value of scheduled maintenance all in this month’s news blast. Read Full Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter

Got Projects? We perform a lot of updates during the summer.  Whether it’s replacing an over-the-hill water heater or bringing your outdoor shower up to date, we can offer you quick, budget-friendly solutions to keep your home or rental in top form. Read Full Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Getting your rental ready for summer? We’ve got some great tips to help you prepare and protect your home during the season, and suggestions to keep your plumbing system and appliances operating smoothly.  Read Full Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

Being a proactive homeowner makes sense and saves you money and time in the long run. Download our helpful infographic and pick up a few tips to get your house in ship-shape for rainy, wet weather. From quick DIY tasks to maintenance better left to a professional, these ideas will keep you dry and safe when it’s yucky outside. Read full newsletter.

March 2019 Newsletter

It’s fix-a-leak week! 6 simple tips to improve water efficiency in your home, importance of flushing your tankless water heater, service discounts and more! Read Full Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

obx action plumbing february 2019 newsletter
Access to service discounts, our new 100-ft sewer camera, and the bad news about drop-in tablet toilet cleaners… All in this month’s newsletter! Read Full Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

seven ways to brighten up your kitchen
The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Which is why it’s important to keep appliances and fixtures properly maintained and cared for. Looking to refresh the look of yours? Small changes can make a big difference in design and functionality. Read Full Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

Our tankless water heater flush service helps keep flow regulators clean by preventing calcium build-up, allowing the unit to operate at peak efficiency. Learn how you can also earn a 10% discount when you become an ASA Member! Read Full Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter

Action Plumbing November 2018 Newsletter
Remember the freeze of 2017? It can happen again! Don’t get caught with frozen pipes this winter! Spending a little money now means you’ll be saving far more money later if you’ve taken the time to have your vacation home winterized. Read Full Newsletter