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5 Smart Tips for a Safer Bathroom

January is bath safety month, and it’s a great reminder that the bathroom is not a playground. Here are a few tips to share with your loved ones as a reminder of ways to create a safer bathroom experience!

5 Plumbing Tips for a Trouble-Free Summer

Summer is here!  And so are your guests. Whether you’re renting out your vacation home on the Outer Banks, or it just feels like you are (wink!), chances are you will be dealing with a steady flow of traffic in and out of your home over the next few months. Did you know the average …

6 Reasons Why Your Beach House Needs an Outdoor Shower

Do you have a lot of vacation traffic coming in and out of your beach house each summer?  It’s likely that the bulk of the footsteps belong to kids who are having the time of their life and enjoying the feel of sand between their toes.  For you, on the other hand, the sand may not be quite as enjoyable under your feet.  So why not indulge in an outdoor shower?
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Why Choose an Annual Service Agreement?

A free, annual inspection of your plumbing system can prevent problems before they happen. In addition to repairs, water damage can be destructive to your home and belongings.  Here are a few of the benefits of choosing an Action Plumbing Annual Service Agreement.
Running water in a stainless steel faucet.

De-Winterizing Your Home

It will be summer before you know it, and what better time to keep busy around the house than now! There are a number of tasks you can do on your own to prepare your vacation home or rental for the season, along with a few things that are best performed by a professional. This month we’ve put together a checklist of important steps to prepare your home for a trouble-free summer.
Warning, Wipes Can Clog Your Pipes, Toilet, Septic Tank and More

Warning About Wipes

Learn more about the warnings about wipes and keep your plumbing in tip-top shape!
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The Origin of Plumbing Pipes- Some Nifty Facts

Learn more about the history of plumbing and plumbing pipes! Check out these facts about the origins of plumbing and the U.S. Plumbing system.
Action Plumbing installs tankless water heaters in your obx home

3 Reasons to Choose a Tankless Water Heater

Like most things in life, weighing the pros and cons before making a buying decision is a step toward making an informed decision. Doing a little bit of homework will also save you time and money down the road to ensure you’re buying a product suited to your home and your style of living. In …
Prevent backflow in your home with Action Plumbing OBX

Tips to Safeguard your Home from Backflow Contamination

Learn how to protect your home from backflow contamination. Our experts share tips and tricks for safeguarding your home from water supply contamination.

Preparing your Summer Rental

Whether it’s purely a rental property or a rental right now but will soon be your retirement haven, making sure your home can stand up to the rigors of summer renters will pay off in the long run.

When April Showers Bring More than May Flowers

Spring in the Outer Banks signals the arrival of heavier precipitation, which means there’s opportunity for the chance of flooding and leaks, along with the after effects of mold and other plumbing problems that can really put a damper on the season. Here are a few tips to prevent problems before they occur, while minimizing water damage and costly repairs at the same time.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Water Efficiency in your Home

The average household loses 10,000 gallons of water a year due to leaks. Learn how to make your home water efficient and maintain your plumbing system!