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Toilet Bowl Cleaning 101

Learn how to clean your toilet bowl! It’s important to maintain a clean toilet bowl without damaging your septic system or sewer pipe. Let our experts share their tips and tricks.

7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

If you asked around, you’d probably find that most people with an older home either have a desire to update their kitchen or they have recently completed the remodeling of their kitchen.  If cost has been keeping you from moving forward on a refresh of the most warm and friendly room in the house, know that you don’t need to spend a bundle in order to make an impact. Our trusted experts reveal some of their top tips for brightening up your kitchen!

New Year, New Ideas for Your Home

Out with the old, in with the new. The New Year is a time of renewal and if you’ve been thinking about making some updates to your home, now is the perfect time to put pen to paper on a few of those projects.  Here are some tips to guide you through important updates you …

4 Reasons to Choose A Licensed Plumber for your New Construction Project

When you’re building your dream home, or your dream vacation home for that matter, you want everything to be perfect!  You’ve been planning this build for months, maybe even years, and have painstakingly selected colors and finishes and fixtures and more to make it just right.  You took the time to meet with potential builders, …

5 Plumbing Nightmares that can Kill Your Halloween Spirit

Fall is in the air, and before you know it, Halloween will be here.  Beware of these 5 plumbing nightmares that can really put a damper on your Halloween spirit. Greasy, Grimy Pumpkin Guts Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins?  It’s a lot of fun, but it’s super messy.  And you’ve probably noticed that the …

3 Reasons Why Service Plans Are a Good Idea

A plumbing system in the home is an essential utility, and without it we’d have difficulty with much of our daily lives. When something goes wrong with our plumbing it’s pretty much an emergency; that’s why it’s important to protect this critical asset in your home.  Most plumbing systems are complicated, with many sub-systems attached, …

Has Summer Taken a Toll on Your Vacation Rental?

DEALING WITH THE AFTERMATH For the most part, the hotel industry has set certain expectations when it comes to the condition of a vacation rental property, and the behavior of its guests.  Certainly, those who stay a few days or even a week are less likely to cause damage than, say, guests who are staying …

4 Ways to Increase Water Efficiency in your Home

Although it may seem like here in the U.S. water is in abundant supply, only about 3.5 percent of the Earth’s water is available fresh water that falls from the sky and moves into our streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The other 96.5 percent comes from our oceans.  Unfortunately, water waste has created a situation …

Septic 101: Getting to Know Your Septic Tank

Even though you probably don’t notice your septic system all that often, it’s working for you each and every day.  Whether this is your primary or secondary residence, or even own it as rental property on the Outer Banks, getting to know your septic tank helps it work like a well-oiled machine.  Maintaining your septic …
The Importance of Water Shut-Off Valves

Where in the World Are Your Water Shut-Off Valves?

The plumbing system in your home has a number of water shut-off valves that control the flow of water from pipes that run through the house. These valves let you turn the water off in the case of an emergency, when repairs need to be made, or when your home will be vacant for a …
5 Tips for Perfect Plumbing

Home Plumbing Tips

Preventing plumbing problems begins with the home owner. Monitoring the condition of your pipes and plumbing, along with the performance of appliances and other equipment will save you big dollars in the long run. Check out this plumbing infographic for our top 5 tips!

The Skinny on Clearing Clogged Drains

Chances are at least once in your lifetime you’re going to be faced with a clogged drain. It happens. Whether it’s the shower drain, toilet, or kitchen sink, plumbing drains get clogged for one reason or another. Period. The good news is that for most run-of-the-mill clogs, you don’t have to spend a lot of …