Plumbing Tips & Tricks

frozen pipes

Five Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

Starting out the New Year with below-freezing temps in the Outer Banks can put a damper on the post-holiday spirit.  But even worse than frigid temps outdoors are freezing temps that can harm your indoor or outdoor plumbing. We are outlining our thoughts on preventing frozen pipes on the Outer Banks, whether you live in …
How to deal with rusty water

What to Do When you Encounter Rusty Water

Have you ever turned on your shower and were greeted with an unexpected stream of rust-colored water? We expect water coming from our tubs and faucets to be clean and clear, so why are you seeing rust-colored water? If the color and taste of your water has suddenly changed, then it could be possible that …

The Dangers of NOT Winterizing Your Home

The season has come to an end here on the Outer Banks, and for those of you with vacation homes and investment properties, now is the time to think about preparing your vacant home for the winter months [read more]
Piping materials and home blue print

When is Re-Piping Necessary?

During your daily tasks of cleaning, eating, cooking and bathing, you probably don’t think about how much you count on your plumbing system to work properly. There are a number of factors that affect the condition of your plumbing [read more]
tankless water heater in pantry

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tankless Water Heater

If you’re shopping around for a new water heater, tankless systems are a wise choice for those looking for savings and longevity [read more]
OBX Plumbing Experts Share 5 Things You Shouldn't Flush

5 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Are you a flushing offender? Do you play by the public bathroom rules or do you ignore the signs? The signs that kindly ask us NOT to flush certain products down the toilet. Just because it goes down the drain, doesn’t mean it is meant to be. Constant use, paired with short water supply and …
Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks

If Your Garbage Disposal Could Talk

Whoever invented the garbage disposal was a genius, am I right? It simplifies our lives and provides an easy way to dispose of food scraps. The problem is, not everything should be put down a garbage disposal. If a garbage disposal isn’t used properly, the chances are pretty good that it will break down or …
Spring Action Plumbing on the OBX

Is your home ready for spring?

Whether your home is a year-round delight, vacation rental or your very own slice of paradise in the summer, you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to preparing your home for the warmer months. Similar to spring cleaning, spring is the best time to give your home a quick once-over to …
Installation of a septic tank and drain field.

All About Septic Tanks

“Private Sewage” means you have your own septic or sewage system. Essentially a septic tank is a large concrete vault that measures 8’x4’x4′. It is normally buried 4″ to 24″ below the surface of the ground. The tank is divided into two chambers which performs a separation of solids from liquids. Water or effluent enters …
Saving water and energy.

Tips for Saving Energy and Water

There are various ways to conserve energy and water around your home. Take a look at some of our top tips: Low volume toilets: An average toilet is used 6 times a day; using water saver toilets can save up to 13 gallons a day verses units installed before 1994. A leaking or “running toilet” …
Action Plumbing Winterization

Winterizing your Plumbing System

It gets cold on the Outer Banks, freezing cold! Some folks believe that it is too warm to freeze here, this is a misconception. It can and does freeze in these areas, that is why we highly recommend winterizing your home for the winter months. We offer winterizing for plumbing systems. Winterizing plumbing systems: Shut …