Annual Service Agreement

What is the importance of having an Annual Maintenance/Service Agreement?

One of the main benefits of our Annual Plumbing Service Agreement is its inclusion of an annual, detailed walk-thru inspection and service of your home’s plumbing system. With its preventative approach to maintenance, an annual inspection can address potential problems before they result in an emergency situation. Additionally, the annual inspection can help identify future issues or point out preventative measures.

As a Service Agreement Customer you will receive:

  • Guarantee lock of labor rates for the entire year
  • Discounted trip fees (50%)
  • 10% discount on work up to $1500.00
  • Annual detailed inspection/walk-thru of your plumbing system
  • Priority scheduling during NORMAL business hours
  • Save 10% when you renew your ASA before it expires!

Annual Detailed Inspection Includes:

Water Heater (Tank/Electric)

  • Inspect behind service panel
  • Test controls and elements
  • Ensure safe temperature is set
  • Check relief valve for signs of leaking
  • Identify manufacture date

Tankless Units

  • Inspect behind service panel
  • Check for proper operation
  • Ensure venting is proper
  • Check water valve and gas connections
  • Identify manufacture date


  • Inspect under sinks and cabinets for leaks
  • Operate and inspect valves for leaks
  • Engage tub and shower valves
  • Check for secure shower arms and tub spouts
  • Inspect drains for hair, debris and operation
  • Check for loose or rocking toilets (and seats)
  • Toilet tank seal inspection
  • Proper flushing


  • Faucet operation
  • Corrosion/rust (signs of breakdown) under faucet
  • Leaking drains/water connection under sink
  • Proper/normal drainage
  • Check for proper dishwasher/drain connection
  • Check for ice maker connections
  • Disposal operation (if applicable)

Other / Misc

  • Locate water meter
  • Check and inspect cut off (if existing) at house
  • Check hose spigots
  • Locate/test outdoor shower isolation valves (if existing)
  • Inspect/operate outdoor shower (if existing)
  • Inspect/operate foot wash (if existing)
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and cut-off’s
  • Inspect visible water and drain lines under home

For more details and pricing, please contact Lynn Osborn (252) 441-9992 or email