3 Ways to Spruce up your Home

Monetary vs. Emotional Value

When we talk about remodeling, we always say it’s one of the best ways to add value to your home.  Although adding value to your home is important, what’s more important is that you’re in a space that you adore. In the past, as homeowners we were told to keep in mind what would appeal to the next owners. Today the thinking is to make your house a home with the amenities you desire, without the worry of what someone else may want.

Whether you like to switch things up every few years or don’t really think about change until something wears out, there’s always an opportunity to remodel your Outer Banks home and make small improvements that can have a big impact.  Here are our top three update tricks:

#1: New Paint

Whether you like to paint or not, it’s an economical way to spruce up a room.  And it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it done (especially if you invite your friends!).  Exploring the latest trends is one way to decide what colors to choose but finding something that pleases your eye is far more important.  There are many ways to go about this, and you’ll find a lot of helpful hints online.  Find your inspiration!

#2: Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Upgrading older faucets and fixtures can bring new life into your space.  In the kitchen, there are plenty of faucet fixtures to choose from that integrate easily with your existing sink.  This can be a DIY project or if you prefer to leave work like that to a professional, contacting a plumber is a smart choice.  A professional plumber will examine your current space and advise you if any other components connecting to the faucet need to be repaired or replaced (looking for corrosion, cracks, etc.).

Other fixture updates include water-saving toilets (chair height is the way to go!), showerheads (you can choose low-flow for water savings), and tub fixtures.  These are a little trickier to install and are items that get a lot of use, so seeking the help of a professional is a wise choice.

#3: Accent Pieces

Artificial plants, pretty baskets, unique throw pillows, floating shelves – these accent pieces add personality and flair to a room.  Instead of seeing these items as ‘dust collectors’ take the view that these are excellent ways to help you organize your space and make it look more open and spacious.  Take the floating shelves, for example. Getting flower arrangements, small plants or books, and especially pictures up and out of the way allows you to enjoy them without having them take up too much real estate.

Remodeling can be fun when you make a plan, ask the right questions, and work with professionals who can serve you best. We work with several top-notch contractors in the area, feel free to ask us for a recommendation for your next project.