5 Plumbing Nightmares that can Kill Your Halloween Spirit

Fall is in the air, and before you know it, Halloween will be here.  Beware of these 5 plumbing nightmares that can really put a damper on your Halloween spirit.

Greasy, Grimy Pumpkin Guts

Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins?  It’s a lot of fun, but it’s super messy.  And you’ve probably noticed that the guts of a pumpkin are rather sticky, which is why you should never put pumpkin pulp down the drain.  According to a California report, the consistency of pumpkin pulp is such that it will easily stick to sink drain pipes and all walls of the garbage disposal.

Want to be a superhero? Then consider composting that jack-o-lantern’s innards.  If composting is not available in your area, then howl at the moon and put it right in the trash.

Got Goblins?  Noises of the Night

It’s dark, all is quiet in the house and everyone is sleeping.  But wait…what’s that creepy noise?  Sounds like someone is tinkering, hammering, or vibrating the walls and floor boards.  Fear not, it’s far more likely that the sounds you’re hearing are coming from your plumbing pipes than Casper the friendly ghost.

Common plumbing problems that can make these sounds include:

  • Supply lines that are unsecured
  • Contraction and expansion of pipes
  • Knocking noises in the pipe when the tap is turned off quickly (also referred to as water hammers)
  • Older water heaters also make crackling and bubbling sounds, which may indicate a build-up of minerals on the floor of the tank

Securing the pipes properly will reduce the noise and insulating the walls will help the sound from traveling as well. Water molecules moving through the pipes have a tendency to loosen pipes and attachments, causing the noise.  Pipes are naturally going to expand and contract over time.  You can give your pipes a little more space by allowing more room for them in the wall cavities.

Water hammers are nothing to be afraid of, it’s basic physics.  But if it’s as annoying as a house that hands out cheap candy, then water hammers can be stopped by installing water hammer arrestors on the water lines.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

The toilet is no stranger to scary scenes.  And it can contribute to a frightening night when you hear gurgling, dripping and water running constantly.  These are common occurrences, and they often get tossed aside like a box of raisins in your Trick or Treat stash.

Dripping: If you hear a dripping noise, but don’t find any leaks, then it’s likely your toilet’s flapper is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Gurgling: These sounds are usually coming from the drain pipe, not necessarily the toilet.  However, if the toilet is the only appliance gurgling like a monster in quick sand, then the drain pipe may be blocked or something is blocking the vent.

Running water: The sound of a running toilet can be torturous!  A healthy toilet should run 30 seconds to about a minute after flushing.  If it goes on longer than that, then something is preventing the tank from filling completely.  This is the sign of a leak between the tank and bowl.

Looking for ghost busters?  We’re the next best thing.  And we always provide FREE estimates.  Need some extended work done in those walls? We have a great list of vendors we work with that can help get the job done.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, and be sure to check out our infographic for more plumbing tips!