6 Reasons Why Your Beach House Needs an Outdoor Shower

Do you have a lot of vacation traffic coming in and out of your beach house each summer?  It’s likely that the bulk of the footsteps belong to kids who are having the time of their life and enjoying the feel of sand between their toes.  For you, on the other hand, the sand may not be quite as enjoyable under your feet.  So why not indulge in an outdoor shower?

Outdoor showers are a cool amenity to have in a vacation home or rental on the Outer Banks. 

Beach aside, an outdoor shower is so convenient and even nice to have for pool owners.  If you have neither beach access nor a pool home, then all the more reason to add an outdoor shower to our home project ideas list! They are so nice to have just to cool off on a hot day.  If you’ve never thought about the convenience of having an outdoor shower, or have been thinking of installing one but haven’t gotten around to it, here are a few good reasons to consider:

It’s fun and refreshing way to beat the heat.

There’s something liberating about being able to wrap up a morning of yard work with a quick rinse to cool down.

An outdoor shower is the perfect place to rinse off after a swim in the pool. 

After a swim, an outdoor shower makes it a no-brainer to remove the chlorine from your body with a fresh-water rinse.

Save yourself the time and trouble of constantly sweeping, hosing down and general clean up of floors.

Not only on pool or beach days, but in general it’s nice to be able to quickly rinse off your feet on a muddy day or even splash your face with crisp cool water.  And of course, with the practices of today, it wouldn’t hurt to give your hands a 20-second wash!

Don’t have a house on the beach? Then create a beach-like atmosphere.

It’s amazing what you can do with some beach furniture, pictures and color schemes to give your home that beachy feel.  Adding an outdoor shower is icing on the cake! You can even go so far as to add a little sand, some rocks, and ornamental grasses to round out the experience.

Got kids?

Spot cleaning is easy when there’s an outdoor shower!  Besides the fact that kids are going to love an outdoor shower right off the bat, make cleaning them up a little easier on extra dirty (oops, we mean playful) days by giving them a good rinse off before they come into the house.

Ideal option for a house with a lot of guests.

With a private outdoor shower, you can offer it up as an extra showering spot for guests for your Outer Banks home. Outdoor showers allow you to not have to worry about always keeping the house showers tidy and ready for the next use.

Get imaginative!  Make your out door shower an oasis with a number of designs and options to choose from.

When you just need something utilitarian or you’ll looking for an exquisite outdoor shower experience, the choice is yours!  We can put you in touch with designers who can create exactly what you want, within your budget.  Our technicians at Action Plumbing ensure that the plumbing system itself and the fixtures you choose are installed professionally.  We’ll even give you suggestions on how to keep your system maintained and protected for years to come.