Is your home ready for spring?

Whether your home is a year-round delight, vacation rental or your very own slice of paradise in the summer, you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to preparing your home for the warmer months. Similar to spring cleaning, spring is the best time to give your home a quick once-over to ensure that you’ll be trouble free before the summer rush.

While you’re thinking about the lawn, the gutters, and the pool, be sure to include a few other important parts of your home that need periodic attention and maintenance:

  • Check the water heater – it’s fairly maintenance free, but be sure to check the temperature level. Bring it back to a reasonable level and conserve. Not too hot, and not too cold! 120 degrees is a reasonable average.
  • Check for leaks – it’s amazing what can happen over the winter with the expansion and contraction from cold to warm. Check your entire home for pipes that may be dripping in the bathroom, kitchen, workshop, laundry area, etc. Check your outside faucets as well to make sure nothing is cracked or broken.
  • Clear slow drains – dirt, hair and other debris can collect in the drain and cause water to not flow as quickly down the drain over time. It’s an easy fix (no, Drano!) and can be handled in a matter of minutes.
  • Is your toilet running? Then you better catch it! A toilet that runs constantly (or even occasionally) means it needs repair. This is normal, as the working parts of a toilet tend to wear out over time. This, too, is an easy fix and can even be remedied on a DIY level.
  • Clear clogged faucet aerators. For those on a well, you probably find that over time your kitchen faucet doesn’t give you the pressure it once had – it’s probably due to the silt that has built up in the aerator. You may not even need tools to remove the cap, but it takes great care to rinse out the screen without is slipping down the drain! This should be done particularly after opening up a vacation home that has been sitting for weeks or months, as the well water tends to settle and the first few gallons that come through the pipes can carry with it silt that will clog your aerator quickly.
  • Do you have a garbage disposal? This is an important item to check, since it can be fairly messy if there’s a crack or leak! Do you take care of your disposal? Here’s a quick list of items that should NEVER go down your garbage disposal.

Need a hand getting your home in shape for the next 6 months? Contact us today to schedule a spring cleaning check-up or to help you with any repairs, replacements or leaks you may need.