Preparing your Summer Rental

Welcoming your guests

Whether it’s purely a rental property or a rental right now but will soon be your retirement haven, making sure your home can stand up to the rigors of summer renters will pay off in the long run.

Upon their arrival, you want your guests to feel comfortable.  They want to be satisfied knowing they made the right choice.  From the very moment they walk in the door, the goal is to evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling…that feeling of being on a wonderful vacation. Whether it’s pillows in all the right places, or adorable pictures on the walls with beach scenes and flip-flops, you want all the details to be perfect.  If this sounds like you, then we think this blog will be helpful as you prepare for the slew of visitors that will be crossing the threshold of your home.

Presentation is everything.

If you’ve been a rental property owner for some time, then we probably don’t have to tell you how important it is to present your rental in the best possible light.  It’s a tough job to keep wall paint from getting dingy, or couch cushions to look inviting, but little steps to give it that ‘lived-in’ look without it looking like it’s on the way out means staying ahead of wear-and-tear tasks as much as possible.

This is not to say you have to have all the latest and greatest gadgets and fancy furniture; pieces that are chosen wisely can stand up to tough customers (typically the four-legged and under age 12 customers) and provide long-lasting service without looking long in the tooth.

Setting expectations.

Of course, you’re going to expect a certain amount of “normal” wear and tear.  Beach goers will likely track in some sand, the garbage disposal may see eggshells or a melon rind, Grandma may drip coffee across the floor and the wild daughter-in-law may even break a wine glass.  These situations are considered normal, but it’s most certainly NOT normal to experience significant damage to your home. Period.

One pro-active way to minimize the frequency of damage is to educate your guests. Many owners provide a laminated information sheet that highlights garbage and recycling days, who to call in case of an emergency, the wi-fi password, and other helpful tips.  This would be a great place to insert a few tips to educate guests on things like:

  • What types of food scraps go in the garbage disposal and what foods do not
  • How to operate the hot tub
  • Pool rules and care
  • Reminders (tightly turn the outdoor shower spigot to prevent drips, making sure the toilet isn’t running, etc.)

Everyone is different, which means we don’t all follow the same rules, have the same manners or are as considerate of others belongings as we are 😊 so any opportunity you have to establish friendly reminders can not only be helpful, but could save you headaches down the road.

Putting your best foot forward.

Starting out with a clean slate at the beginning of the season can make your life and vacation of your guests, much easier.  Regular maintenance is key, and consulting with an expert can help you identify problems before they start.  The #1 repair that often goes unreported by guests are running toilets.  Some guests may not notice it, others will not want their vacation to be interrupted by a plumber coming by to fix it.

Detecting problems ahead of time can be less expensive too; emergency calls can add up fast. Consider regular maintenance and annual inspection on these plumbing appliances to increase the likelihood of a smooth, uninterrupted vacation for you and your guests:

  • Toilets
  • Shower drains
  • Garbage disposal
  • Water heater
  • Outdoor shower

Repeat customers are born from a rental that is well-kept and cared for.  Earn their repeat business when everything runs smoothly. Clogged drains, non-working garbage disposals and old toilets that can’t handle the traffic can make for a messy stay if these items are not maintained regularly.

For more help understanding what components of your home are hit hardest by short-term renters, contact us today.