Warning About Wipes

Warning, Wipes Can Clog Your Pipes, Toilet, Septic Tank and More

With a higher than average use of disposable disinfectant wipes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, regardless of whether your home is connected to a community wastewater system or a septic system, disinfectant wipes are NOT designed to be flushed down the toilet.  Even facial, baby and cleansing wipes that say they are “flushable” are not good for your plumbing system.

Flushing wipes can clog your pipes, causing back-ups in your sewer or septic system that can bring sewage into your home or community septic system.  This type of damage is costly to repair.

Please remember to only flush toilet paper down the toilet!  Dispose of ALL disinfectant wipes, cleansing wipes and paper towels in the trash.

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