What Should Really Be On Your Spring Cleaning Check List?

Spring is here and if you’re like most homeowners, you’ve got a long list of to-do’s to prepare your year-round home or Outer Banks vacation rental for the warmer months.

In addition to the standard variety of chores that need to be completed after a cold winter, it’s also important to remember the ‘co-stars’ in your plumbing system that keep your home safe, comfortable and performing optimally. Here are a few of the areas around your home or rental that need a little TLC as you prepare it for months of entertaining, relaxing and enjoyment.

Preparing the Inside of Your Home

  1. Starting with the lowest floor in your home, inspect any water sources for leaks or signs of wear. It’s important to stay ahead of leaks, which could lead to bigger problems down the road if not handled properly. This is particularly true for OBX vacation rental properties with high turnover and many users.
  2. When checking for leaky faucets, showers and toilets, examine the supply lines for each; and don’t forget your washing machine! Any bulging pipes or other signs of wear or damage should be further inspected and replaced if necessary. While you’re at the washing machine, clean the lint trap if yours has one. This often gets forgotten.
  3. Do a thorough inspection of your water heater and sump pump (if applicable).
  4. Investigate any slow drains and consult with a professional if you suspect a clog.

Spring Cleaning on the Outside of Your Home

  1. Don’t wait for fall to clean your gutters. Clean gutters and downspouts keep water moving in the right direction and away from the house to prevent leaks.
  2. Next, check all of your hose bibbs (outdoor faucets) for leaks or corrosion. Be sure to check the spigot and the joint to the supply pipe and consider replacing them if you identify any issues.
  3. Your outdoor shower gets the brunt of heat and UV rays from the sun so look for signs of wear and tear, including anything that rodents or other creatures may have been chewing on over the winter months. Similar to other outdoor plumbing fixtures, check for leaks, slow drains and any suspicious-looking pipes.

Incorporate these practices on an annual or semi-annual basis to get ahead of problems before they happen.

Did you know Action Plumbing performs annual maintenance inspections? For more details and pricing, contact us.