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Action Plumbing started in a garage, but over the years we have grown into the largest plumbing team on the Outer Banks: with 7 vans and a fully-stocked store front. We are family run and place a large emphasis on trust and quality. Over the 16 years of business, we have established ourselves to be a detail oriented, caring construction and remodel plumbing contractor. We service the Outer Banks area from Corolla to South Nags Head.


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  • My thanks and appreciation for the service you provided thru Luke. He fixed every issue relating to my plumbing needs that were urgent or had accumulated over time with a professional ATTITUDE and helpful spirit. You are blessed to have him and I to have found this company.

    - Darcy, Pine Island
  • Thank you so much for taking the time and all the effort to help our client feel confident in her new home purchase. This is just one way we can say thank you, another is when we can, we will refer business to you!

    - Realtor, Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • Thank you for your quick response to our plumbing problems. The Tech explained everything to us and was very pleasant, knowledgeable and fast acting. We commend Action Plumbing for this service!

    - Ann, Kitty Hawk, NC
  • Thank you for your good service and senior discount. Pleased and install tech was great!

    Jay, Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • Once in a while, I run across a company which stands out as a well-run business, Action Plumbing appears to be such a company. From the first contact, Ashley was quite professional, responsive and customer oriented, she provides the first impression of the company and does very well at that. She sent Andrew to my beach house, he was knowledgeable, efficient and informative about what he had to do. He followed up the next day as promised. Highly recommend Action Plumbing.

    - Lyle, Va Beach, VA
  • Thank you for your quick response and reasonable prices!

    - Wanda, Nags Head, NC
  • As always, great service and we appreciate it greatly!

    - Gil, Hampton, VA
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful services. We love our new kitchen faucet. Nice to have a company we can depend on.

    - Karen, Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • Joe was an outstanding worker and very pleasant. He is a keeper!

    - Ron and Pat, Southern Shores, NC

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Plumbing Tips and Tricks

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    If your home or office was built in the 1980’s, it’s likely that polybutylene water pipe was used. It was a popular material because it was a faster and cheaper alternative to copper or PVC pipe. It is suspected that the rate of failure was high in homes with this type of piping because oxidants like chlorine used in municipal water supplies reacts with the pipes and fittings, which then causes the material to scale, flake and become brittle. This can result in breaks or leaks that compromise the integrity of the entire system and could possibly flood your home.

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