Winterizing your Plumbing System

It gets cold on the Outer Banks, freezing cold! Some folks believe that it is too warm to freeze here, this is a misconception. It can and does freeze in these areas, that is why we highly recommend winterizing your home for the winter months. We offer winterizing for plumbing systems.

Winterizing plumbing systems:

  1. Shut off water supply (where applicable: water meter, cut off box).
  2. Shut down energy to water (or heaters).
  3. Connect air compressor to blow out all water and drain the water heater.
  4. Continue purging water from rest of system through sinks, toilets, tub/showers, outdoor showers, spigots and appliances.
  5. Follow up with a heavy dose of non-toxic wintering fluid in all toilets, sinks, tubs and showers. We also treat washing machines and dishwashers as they can hold water.
  6. Cut heat off or set to 55 degrees (we recommend some conditioning).

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A little protection goes along way. Protect your plumbing system and household today.