3 Reasons Why Service Plans Are a Good Idea

A plumbing system in the home is an essential utility, and without it we’d have difficulty with much of our daily lives. When something goes wrong with our plumbing it’s pretty much an emergency; that’s why it’s important to protect this critical asset in your home.  Most plumbing systems are complicated, with many sub-systems attached, which generally means large plumbing repairs can be costly.

Here are three reasons why a service plan for your plumbing system can be a smart step to take to care for your home.

Preventative Maintenance of Your Plumbing System

Getting in front of plumbing repairs means performing regular maintenance on the system and its components (toilet, sinks, showers, water heater, etc.).  In fact, a study prepared for the Department of Energy showed that preventative plumbing maintenance can save an average of 12-18% in maintenance costs per year. Preventative maintenance is an important part of caring for your home, and the plumbing system should be no exception. A service plan is ideal for something like plumbing because: a) preventative maintenance can often catch problems before they become an expensive repair, and 2) it can offer big savings with respect to repair and energy costs.

Helps You Maintain a Budget

One reason some maintenance plans are a good decision is they help keep your budget on track.  You know what to expect, you know what’s coming and you can do a better job of staying within your budget.

Our plan includes an annual plumbing inspection; which gives you information right up front regarding the condition of your system.  This includes items like:

  • Water Heater (tank or tankless)
  • Bathroom Fixtures and Toilet
  • Kitchen Fixtures, Dishwasher, Disposal
  • Exterior Plumbing Systems Such as Outdoor Shower or other Outdoor Fixtures

The results of the inspection help plan any expenses you may be facing during the year, so you can plan expenses carefully.

Cost Savings

No one wants a surprise repair they didn’t plan for, but it can happen.  In addition to regularly scheduled inspections, one of the benefits of having a service plan is they often help offset the cost of service visits, which can reduce your total annual expenditures.

Home owners benefit greatly from having an efficient plumbing system.  When a system is regularly maintained and updated, it will operate more efficiently overall.  An old, outdated system can really put a drain on energy costs.

Benefits such as discounts on parts, trip and labor savings, and other advantages of being a service plan customer help keep costs down without breaking the bank.  Without a plan, these items can really add up.

The key takeaway here is getting in front of any failures before a real problem occurs.  This is where a service plan can do wonders for your livelihood, your wallet and peace of mind.  Contact us for details and pricing.