7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

If you asked around, you’d probably find that most people with an older home either have a desire to update their kitchen or they have recently completed the remodeling of their kitchen.  If cost has been keeping you from moving forward on a refresh of the most warm and friendly room in the house, know that you don’t need to spend a bundle in order to make an impact.  Here are some ideas to get you in the mood to make some changes:

1. Change out the Cabinet Hardware

One of the simplest ways to give your kitchen a more modern look is to swap out the old drawer pulls and knobs with their updated counterparts. A popular finish today is brushed nickel, which works no matter the style.  For kitchens with an eccentric, modern feel, chrome works too.  One caution, however, is to resist specialty hardware that may not appeal to the general public.  Although they may be fun at first, chances are they will fall out of favor quickly.

2. Swap out (or even Remove) Cabinet Doors

If the structure of your cabinet base allows, consider swapping out the doors for a more updated look.  Shaker-style cabinets are extremely popular today, or you could kick it up a notch and go for glass-paneled doors for an expensive look without all the cost.  If your shelves aren’t worthy of clear glass, consider frosted glass panels instead.

Or, if your shelves ARE worthy, try removing the doors all together!  Yes, we said, ‘remove the doors.’ Open shelving creates a lighter space, allows you to display your most favorite, beautiful dishes and gives your kitchen an eclectic, relaxed feel.

3. Same Cabinets, New Look

Giving cabinetry a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to really change the look of the room without going through the hassle of demolition and added cost. For the most clean, professional look, be sure to prime the bases and doors before you apply the paint. A satin finish works best on kitchen cabinets. White and grey are popular right now, and citrus colors are always fun choices for a bright, sunny kitchen.

4. Update Fixtures

Replacing faucet fixtures gives your kitchen a new flair and focal point, not to mention newer technology that can be more reliable and water-saving than the old fixture.  They are inexpensive to purchase and install and can be a great first-step as you ponder the future of your kitchen.

5. Create an Accent Wall with a Complimentary Paint Color

Prefer to just keep it simple in the paint department?  Pick a wall.  Accent walls have many benefits from both a visual and aesthetic standpoint.  In addition to adding more color to the room (consider a darker shade than the walls) and brings a little pizazz in without being too overwhelming.

6. Add a Backsplash

For a simply painted wall along the counters and appliances, a backsplash can change the look in an instant.  And since it’s likely there isn’t a lot of square footage to cover, it’s an extremely inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen. Conventional tile and grout (think subway tile), is a quality, long-lasting option, but there are also ‘press and apply’ options that look fantastic without the added cost and hassle. No messy grout, and the tiles are designed to be easy to cut so you can easily work around the tricky spots.

7. Replace the Countertop

Changing up the countertop may sound like a big job, but actually it’s fairly simple.  There are so many countertop options today, from stone and marble to manufactured products like solid surface, you’re sure to find something absolutely perfect that fits right in line with your budget.

Not sure where to begin?  Through our plumbing services, we work closely with many local contractors on new construction and remodeling; contact us to discuss your project and we can help you find a professional to guide you through the process.