‘Tis the Season to Winterize

Here we are at the end of another very busy season here on the Outer Banks. The growth and population of our area is evident! And whether you’re an owner or a visitor, we hope you had a safe and relaxing season.

As the season changes, so do our projects and the needs of our customers. For many vacation home owners, it is time to prepare your happy place for the cold, winter months. Our winterization service is not only a good idea, it’s a critical component of caring for your home. Over the last several years we’ve seen temps dip down below the freezing level. Unlike our friends in the north, our homes here in North Carolina that are vacant in the winter are not designed to withstand long periods of extreme cold. This puts stress on your plumbing system and can lead to broken pipes, damaged walls and a costly mess.

Don’t forget your outdoor shower and hose bibs!

In the winter, it’s also important to winterize your outdoor shower to prevent the pipes from freezing. Repairing the damage from frozen pipes can be expensive and cause costly water damage as well.

We take the worry out of winterizing your home. Here is the list of steps included in our service:

Turn Water Off
❖ The first step for us is to locate the main water shut off valve to our home and turn off all
running water.
Prepare the Water Heater
❖ Next step should be the water heater. Once we have the water to the house shut off, we
will turn off the water heater and drain the tank.
Drain Supply Lines
❖ Getting all the water out is next. We will drain all the supply lines, open all faucets and
fixtures, and blow out the supply lines. This is a process that requires an air compressor
to push out any water left behind in the pipes.
Drain All Appliances
❖ Anything in your home that stores water needs to be turned off and drained of all
Don’t Forget Your Toilets!
❖ Once all water has been removed, we will go a step further and winterize toilets and
other drains with a special antifreeze solution. The antifreeze is usually pink and is an
extra step in making sure none of your home’s plumbing lines freeze.

Other Essentials
❖ We will also turn off the main circuit breaker unless it is requested that heat be left on.
❖ Additionally, Action will take care of the plumbing on the outside of your home when

Outdoor showers and foot washes are popular, and often the source of frozen, busted pipes. If there is a
separate shut off for external faucets, the Action tech will turn that water off. After
doing so, he will turn on those outdoor faucets to allow the water to drain. This will releasing the pressure in the pipes to prevent potential problems.

Pricing for this service during the 2022 season is as follows:
$230.00 + tax (6.75%) for a 2 bathroom/1 water heater house ($245.53 total with tax)
>>> Each additional bathroom is $40 + tax
>>> Each additional water heater is $40 + tax

NOTE: Winterizations are not guaranteed. Some damage may be unavoidable given certain
circumstances (e.g.; extreme weather, faulty cut off valves/meters).
Call today for your winterization appointment. We are available
Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.